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In Stock March 3, 2023

  • You don't have to fit in to belong. Authenticity is being honest and showing up.

  • Love who you are because of your mistakes

  • No one has the right to lead your life but you.

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In my lifetime, I have met very few people who have proven to be not only relevant but also inspirational. Laurie Kroeger is one of those people. She has faced and overcome many obstacles throughout the years, She uses these experiences expertly to illustrate her own journey as she struggles to take back her God-given power and become the leader of her own life.


I was honored to be asked to read and review “Loving You is Easy, Loving Me is Hard“.


The book speaks to me on many levels. Laurie is so relatable that I found myself cheering her on, while also making relevant connections to my own life and to my own struggles. I believe we all want to live life on our own terms, but most of us, including myself, really have no idea how to accomplish this ideal. Laurie’s counsel, along with her approach and the many resources she suggests are valuable tools to be utilized to finally know self-love and to become my own best friend, thus coming to a place of peace and happiness in my life. Everyone could benefit by reading this book!

L. Sullivan Glendale, AZ



Laurie has been amazing at teaching me how to become the best leader I can be, as well as just the best person I can be! She has helped me learn what teaching/learning styles suit me best, what type of leader I am, where I can grow and so much more! I cannot wait to see what she has in store for the future!

Kat McDaniel Colorado Springs, CO



Laurie is an excellent coach and thought leader. Very professional and connects with people very easily. She truly cares about your success. She is a great listener.

Charlotte Pierce Porto Rico

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All About Loving You is Easy, Loving Me is Hard

Loving You is Easy, Loving Me is Hard, coming soon.

In this book my hope is that you will find the self-trust and self-love to lead you to the success you deserve. That love has been inside of you this whole time. 

You have unlimited potential. Believe it. You are an amazing human being. Live it! You love with your whole heart. Embrace it! Only you can be the leader of your life. Take back your power, find your voice and use it to lead whole-heartedly.

You can find peace, joy, happiness and success not regardless of your past but because of it.

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